COVID – 19 Information – Return to School update 13.05.2020

Return to School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for all your support during these past few weeks of remote and flexible learning. We at KPS really appreciate your support during this time.

Following advice from the Chief Health Office,the Victorian Government has advised that schools can begin a phased return to on-site schooling.

In the first stage, students in Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 will return to school from Tuesday 26 May.

To support all school staff to prepare for this transition, Monday 25 May will be a pupil-free day.

In the second stage of our return to on-site schooling, all other year levels will return to school from Tuesday June 9.

For those students who cannot be supervised at home and vulnerable children, the existing model of on-site schooling will remain in place during the two-week period from Tuesday 26 May to Tuesday 9 June.

Once a year level has returned, all students will be expected to attend school as normal. This means if you choose to keep your child/children home after their year level has returned to on-site schooling, we can no longer support their learning from home.

This does not apply to childen who need to be absent for health or medical reasons. For those families please contact us so we can make an appropriate plan.

This same approach is being taken by all government schools in Victoria.

To support the health and wllbeing of all our students and staff, our school will continue an enhavced cleaning routine and will encourage frequent hand washing.

If your child is ill or is feeling unwell, they must not attend school. They must remain home and seek medical advice.

While the Chief health Officer has advised that students will not be required to maintain physical distancing at school, there will be a number of important changes to our school operations, consistent with health advice. This will apply until further notice. I will provide more detail about our local school context as soon as possible, but it is important to note that changes will include:

*    adjusted arrangents for drop off and pick up points, including staggered break times:

*   restrictions on access to the school site for anyone other than immediate school staff and students;

*   the way we conduct parent-teacher meetings and interviews

We understand that some families may feel anxious about this move back to classroom teaching and learning. I can assure you that this decision has been taken on the basis of the best health advice available to our state.

More information about the return to school and coronavirus (COVID 19) can be found on the Department’s website, which will continue to be updated:

Thanks you for your contunued support and patience during this time. We look forward to welcoming our students back to the classroom.

Yours sincerely,

Brenton Taylor   Principal

FRIDAY MAY 22,   9-11AM

Assembly area

Prep – 2 Students drop off their completed work packages and reeive information sheet.

3-6 students dropoff completed work packages and collect new packages

Remote Learning Packs

Thankyou to all parents and caers who are doing a marvellous job in supporting and encouraging their children with their Remote Learning during the current COVID-19 crisis. We at Kerang Primary School really appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this.

Just remember that the school is on hand to answer any queries or concerns you have with your students. We are just a phone call , email or message away.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and positive comments from the Friday phone calls by staff. We have listened to your suggestions and made refinements with the next series of packages.

The new Remote Learning Packs will be available for collection from the back of the school from 9 am until 11 am on Friday April 24.

If you are unable to collect during this time, then please call the school on 5450 3181 and make alternative arrangements.

These learning packs are designed to provide learning material for students for the next 4 weeks. Further dates will be included in the package handout.

Further details regarding daily roll call and staff check-ins as well as transition to more on-line learning will be included in the packs.


Mr. Taylor


Dear Parents/Guardians

The Victorian Government has informed us that children in Victorian schools should move to remote and flexible learning in Term 2. Term 2 commences for students on Wednesday 15th April.

The government has indicated that, from the start of Term 2 all students who can learn from home MUST learn from home.

We understand that this is a tricky and difficult situation for parents, however we are dealing with exceptional circumstances. Kerang Primary School staff, although the majority will be working from home, will continue to focus on supporting and maintaining a high standard of education for your child.

Wednesday the 15th of April is the allocated day for you to collect your child’s take home pack.

Packs will be available for collection from the school assembly area from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the Wednesday.

Further updates on the Transitioning to Remote Learning will be provided with the package.

Just to reiterate the Government’s request is very clear that all students will be learning from home, except for those children of workers in essential industries and those children deemed by DHS/Family Services to be at school.

We will provide minimal staff at school each day to supervise these children with the ratio of 1 of teacher to 10 students being adhered to as per our directive from the Government.  Regardless of whether students are at school or at home, all learning provided to them will be the exactly the same. Please understand that classes may consist of mixed grade levels and that the teacher may be different to your child’s normal classroom teacher.

For children who attend school and fit the category that the Government describe as being an essential service or deemed by DHS/Family Services to be at school, please be aware that all correct protocols will be adhered to, i.e. social distancing of students and safe hygiene practices.

When attending school we need to remind families to adhere to the social distancing guidelines and that families are not to gather at the school gate before and after school. All people need to remain 1.5 metres apart.

Please look for regular updates on our school face book page and our school’s webpage – 

Have a happy Easter and thanks to all families for your support during this time J.

Brenton Taylor