School Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Our VISION is to create a safe and caring, learning environment, where everyone has the opportunity to engage and learn to the best of their ability. Kerang Primary School is an Inclusive school catering for the educational learning needs of ALL students.

Our MISSION is to;
• Provide positive, professional staff committed to sharing their passion for learning with the students and the wider community.
• Improve student outcomes.
• Provide an innovative curriculum that values diversity.
• Instil confidence in students and engage, motivate and excite them in their learning.
• Promote a school culture that values strong partnerships between home, school and community.

Our School Values
At Kerang Primary School, we will strive to be the best we can through the values of:
Respect: I value others, the environment and myself.
Resilience: I bounce back.
Responsibility: I own my behaviour.
Honesty: I am truthful and trustworthy.
Teamwork: I co-operate and work with others. Through these values our students can become positive citizens in our community.