School Council

Kerang Primary School Coun is composed of 7 members elected by the parents of the school, and three members of staff. This council is the governing body of the school and is responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings and grounds, the allocation and spending of government grant monies, curriculum policies, the welfare of pupils and teachers and the future planning and development of the school. Elections are conducted each March for half the members at an Annual General Meeting of parents. All school council members are involved in the following: Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Fundraising and Policy, Curriculum and Integration.

President Mr Tony Pearson
Treasurer Mr Tony Pearson
Parent Reps: Mrs Brooke Williams
Mrs Sharon Ash
Mrs Kristen Hall
Ms Carolyn Freeman
Mrs Nicole Sanders
DEET Reps: Mr Brenton Taylor -Principal
Ms Holly Duffy
Mrs Jenny McDonald